The Game of Life (The Black Mariah)

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The cards I was dealt, are the cards I have played
No need to hold back, I was not afraid
Put my first foot forward, and my second just after
Tread careful my friend, no matter for laughter

Study the eyes, and read the faces
Be sure for sure, to hold the aces
They often say, read between lines
Keep a cool head, and follow the signs

When your back is turned, just be on guard
Remember this, your master card
Danger lurks, in unexpected places
Especially when, you can’t see the faces

The Queen of Spades, the Black Mariah
Her head she rears, complete pariah
Greed and evil, vision with spite
An acid tongue, with a dangerous bite

She would take it all, whatever the costs
If hell froze over, with all the frosts
If heaven it burned, was out of control
What she did touch, she always stole

She liked a fight, she loved a duel
Above all else, she loved being cruel
She could not care less, about whom she hurt
And would take from your back, your only shirt

Trickery and deception, were her two dubious skills
When applying influence, to others and wills
Ulterior motives, upon which she thrived
Complete disregard, about whom she deprived

She had sowed seeds of doubt, instilled much fear
Charged with greed, she stepped up a gear
She wanted it all, and went for broke
The poor old woman, she had a stroke

Place pressure and worry, on the old woman’s mind
Chipping away, a grisly grind
She had to benefit, enrich her purse
Send an old woman, to death in a hertz

The truth came out, when the will was read
Perhaps water is thinner, than blood that’s red
She got her way, web of deceit she spun
Little did she know, what she had begun

The wheels of revenge, did start to turn
As the anger it grew, and the rage did burn
Caution was not, thrown to the wind
As tempers frayed, and patience thinned

Master of none, but Jack of all trades
Came to face, with the Queen of Spades
In disgust he shivered, at her callous thoughts
And the world she craved, and the life she courts

His mate the King, he followed suit
His mouth a taste, of bitter fruit
Chilled by the actions, the Queen exercised
To depths so low, that he despised

The Queen of Spades, by her own greed thrilled
Effectively had, an old woman killed
By spouting lies, with fear quick to build
Had the old woman’s head, fatally filled

They wanted it sorted, the Queen brought to her knees
Hear her beg, and laugh at her pleas
In unison they marched, holding all aces
Just being sure, they covered all bases

Retribution was near, and so deserved
Clear and straightforward, it was not curved
Money is worthless, when propelled by greed
And those with morals, they do not need

To change a will, to force someone’s mind
Is an evil trait, so hard to find
And those who find it, in the mirror must look
And stare at the face, of a terrible crook

The hearts and diamonds, the clubs and the spades
Have a respect for life, which never fades
No laughing matter, no playing card Joker
For the Queen of Spades, greed it broke her

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