The Stars and Stripes, No Greater Nation

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Poeple form lines that stretch for miles long
To enter a Nation
Started with decomracy's call.
For The People, of the People
Together we stand tall
As the beacon of hope
To others who have it less great.
For the world shall become one
That is its destiny, its fate,
Freedom's cry, now recognized worldwide
As we are the Nation of Compassion
Hopeful others may share
An Independace Day
Like the 4th of July
Because we stand together
This Nation shall never die.
For we strive for a Utopia
For One and For All!
Those who don't understand
Will live their lives indignant
Of the Freedoms attained.
Until that day comes for freedoms of their own,
America the beautiful will conitue to show them how it's done!
For God Blesses the USA
now and forever!

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