The Pilot You Never Thanked (Tribute to Any Pilot Out There in the World)

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

You weren’t heading for a sick office-work,
You weren’t going over the last item you struck off the list,
You weren’t heaved by the friend’s funeral call,
As the plane’s descent slowly enlarge the houses so small,
Because you never saw that,
While you grieved over the many ways your life didn’t work,
And the the grim details that awaited in another city,
His silent skilled shoulders that held so much metal up in air,
Averted a plummeting fall which you easily chose not to consider and care.

How often do you notice how intangible a phenomenon is at work,
Aviation knowledge and two brains keeping from dropping you from the sky,
Oh! Stop thinking and notice how much metal is held in so much hollow,
Undeterred, unsupported, upheld with not even track lines to follow,
Because you never saw that,
How asleep you are, in thoughts that are mere sensations,
And will die, if, suppose, you were hurled off the sky,
No matter what loss awaits you in another city, always remember,
These men saved you from a death far colder than December.

So, say thank you to your pilot!

—-By Miss Nilanjana Haldar

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