A Heavenly View

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Within a valley far below,
I looked and saw where stream did flow.
From high above on mountains height,
I saw when I looked down, on low.
.....Within a grove of standing trees;
.....Standing, waving in the breeze.
.....A sight for reasons found unknown,
.....That sight that filled me so, with glee.

For there, much to my own surprise,
I saw her then with mine own eyes.
A figure stood with eyes found bright;
Seen garbed as in a misty guise.
.....And silver, it was, her shining hair,
.....That matched the clothes that she did wear.
.....With eyes so soft as white they shone;
.....A vision seen, exceeding fair.

Found in that grove upon that stream;
Her form, it seemed to glimmer, gleam.
Both stream and trees, were all then shown;
It looked as if ‘twere all a dream.
.....And when I tried to, at her peer;
.....She looked to me as if quite sheer.
.....Pale, but filled with golden light;
.....With skin, translucent, soft and clear.

But then, as down, the sun, it went;
Brighter then, her light, ‘twas sent.
More brilliant then; more silvery white;
As then the sun did downward wend.
.....Far more distinct, she, then was found;
.....As ‘cross the land her light then wound.
.....The stream, it seemed like more, her throne.
....As queen, she ruled all around.

And then, as night, its darkness grew;
And more the stars, above then flew.
I looked into that starry height;
‘Twas then the truth, the truth I knew.
.....The moon, it was, I saw that eve;
.....This truth, I then, I did perceive.
.....Reflecting off the stream, her light;
.....As through the night, her light did weave.

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