a poem by P.K.N. Panicker, India

Even as I was learning
to stand upright on two legs
someone told me,
“Hey man,
You who dream to succeed fighting nature
is a fool.”

Even as I was creeping on my knees
I hoped a day will dawn
when those who stamped me a fool
revisit their statement
to assess how right or how wrong they were!

Having crossed epochs many
crawling on the knees and thereafter learned
to stand upright on two legs,
to stretch the hands to touch
the tempting, glittering apples
up above in the sky,
to command the energy concealed in the atoms
and disbursed in the sunrays,
to extract water from atmospheric air,
to take forward steps with unflinching confidence
that in the not too far away future
I shall succeed to unveil the secrets
of the basic life carrying energy packs –
the basics of life and death,
of the conscious life waves,
the wise ones predicted
will never be revealed to me;
And on that day I shall happily proclaim
that ‘I am no fool’.

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