Enriched and Ennobled by Sorrow

a poem by Ronali dela Cruz, Philippines

Had sorrow not met me
With a slap on my face
I would have dwelt on
My foolish walk
Had tragedy not shown
Life's balancing acts
Happiness I would never have known.

Had the tears of bitterness
Never surfaced through these eyes
Haughtiness and scorn I would have passed
Had sorrow not allowed
My infirmities to limit me
Delusions I would surely have amassed.

Sorrow enriched my otherwise
Charmed, perfect life
And intimately led me
To stretch forth my hand
And walk alongside those
Who are equally hurting
And make them strong
Once again to stand.

Had sorrow not enriched
And ennobled me
Never would I dig deeper
Through the depths of my heart
Had I not been cloaked with the garment of loneliness
I could never tell that joy also plays its part.

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