Water (Revised)

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Clouds! Rain and Thunder!
Water! Water! No water!
Pipes in water & taps dripping no water,
Shaven hills & forests with fountains
Flushing fresh no water
Cry of water & crying in water
Relief in water & share in relief
Thirst of water, thirst of matters
Ripen hopes of cultivators
flowing in gutters
With no shutters,
Bristling in nightmare,
Deform in despair.
From ocean to home
And from home to ocean
Water! Water! No water!

Amidst fire of forests, fire of blasts
Burst of temperature, fire of terror casts
Anger of the agonized hoyden
Melting of glacier, tsunami in the ocean
Flood in houses, corpse on water
Pouring of bottles from the Air
Lowering of ground water share
There's water, there's no water
Life-in-water & water-in-life
Water! Water! No water!

Water-in-life & life-in-water
Glamour of life that glitters
In the water of body,
Water of face,
Water of relation
And the survival of mankind
That grows generation to generation;
Shedding in threats of life,
Searching a planet for water,
Full of greenery
To avoid in-fighting for Water
And forthcoming war for water,
Water! Water! No water!
Water-in-life & life-in-water.

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