The Lord Loves Jacob

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

The Lord loves Jacob and hates Esau from the first age
The earth is made void, to start a new page

In the womb, the Lord knew both brothers from that previous time
He knew Esau follows Satan and commits crime

Jacob helps the good children, and by his hand nobody dies
Esau finds meaning in satan’s misery and his lies

All souls were started in the first age, where they were born
We cannot remember because from our minds it is torn

We are who we are; we are anchored in the previous age
We cannot change who we are during life’s every stage

We should accept who we are, but not accept our own sin
Do not give into to satan, if you want to win

We must stop our abominations; we must control what we do
We must remove the sins from our lives, or forever be blue

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