I AM can make a shepherd king

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

I am, can make a shepherd king,
I am, can set captives free,
I am, is the same forever,
I am, is the master you see.

I am, is the essence of my life,
I am, is my only guide,
I am, is the God of Jacob,
I am the inspiration of my life.

I am, can bring out water,
I am, can restore life,
I am, is the only reality,
I am, is the essence of life.

I am, I pray thee, step in my life,
I am, I need thee every time,
I am, please take charge of my life,
I am, all success is a gift of thine.

Reginald Ajay Jacob

Note: I am stands for God.

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