To A Butterfly

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

You flit, you flitter, flapping your wings
From blossom to blossom, you fly
A graceful dance that brings such delight
Beneath a warm blue summer sky.
Hither and thither, on leaves and grass
For awhile, you gently alight
Then like a ribbon in bow, a-quiver in the air
How quickly you take flight.
You cast a spell, your hues entice
A creature so small yet fair
You leave the heart fluttering with joy
What magic you weave in the air.
Though once you crawled; now you soar
From a worm to what you be
An artist is born, a troubadour sings
To behold such ethereal beauty.
Oh, time like you shall flit away
Ephemeral are you and I
A journey of but a few days and some
So fly high, oh butterfly.


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