The Cold Claw

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Like ancient relics, buried in a field
Dark secrets are, often concealed
Shadows of the past, with an eerie air
With neighbours and peers, just unaware

Much effort is used, for the secret to hide
A covert approach, has been applied
Someone has striven, they've tried to avoid
For their reputation, to be destroyed

They put reputation, number one on the list
Morals and ethics, were just dismissed
Safeguarding issues, never came to the fore
Dark secrets just fell, through the trapdoor

Whether a sleepy town, or a bustling city
Local community, the village committee
With ears and eyes, they simply must not ignore
Skeletons in cupboards, a secret's cold claw

The secret holder, to new pastures did flee
And tried to delete, her history
But when the dark secrets, came from the black hole
It was clear to see, she had lost control

And that was a good thing, it was needy and just
Knowledge was key, and people discussed
Of where they went wrong, how had it passed
Weary and guarded, most were aghast

When the truth comes out, and true colours creep through
And over the facts, you can slowly chew
It will become apparent, whom the secret held
Hypocritical was, and of evil smelled

The cleverness with which, she would smother and disguise
And make no attempt, to look in your eyes
For her actions so callous, with risks so high
So inhumane, you just can't deny

The secrets are out, and the truth is known
So cold the blood, with a heart of stone
How anyone could possibly, act so cold
Their mind have lost, and their soul have sold

With arrogant zeal, the truth did deign
Their reputation, they wished to maintain
A public standing, they wished to assert
No matter the cost, whatever the hurt

Dark secrets so often, they taunt and return
And offer a chance, of a lesson to learn
Have a guarded approach, to a cover and a book
And don't always judge, by just your first look

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