(Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "The Manx Man" - (for Roy)

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

(Posted on behalf of dear Pauline)

In memory of Roy Douglas Kneale


From the sea of wavering ink

Came your every secret emotion

To dip and swim with the tide

As your words of love in motion

Flew by and multiplied.

And I for one caught them all;

All your farewells – your regrets

Your past euphoric joys.

So too, your emotional debts

Voiced by your white silent noise.

Where are you now Roy Douglas Kneale?

In the next room debating with the crime writer;

Known for his leaky tongue and pen?

Or with some poet, (a professional nail - biter)?

Or are you back with your lovers again?

It’s possible of course, as you oft said,

Just dust laid low after fruitless searches

But my beliefs ignore that thought

As I walk through those lofty churches

Dwelling on the love and wisdom that you brought.

So - my dear, dear friend

I refuse to say farewell, adieu

But I will say thank you for being a friend

And I’ll raise a glass to the likes of you.

Pauline Miller xxx

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