Within Those days of Ice and Snow

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

by Dwayne Leon Rankin

Within those days of ice and snow;
When ‘cross the land those cold winds blow.
When nought is found beneath the sky,
But white that ‘cross the land, doth lie;
...That with the light off snow doth glow.

When frost doth nip your cheeks and nose;
And bites the tips of frozen toes.
And then you wonder where have they gone?
That summer breeze; the summer sun;
...As well those fields where green grass grows?

Forgotten are all those memories;
Of hot dry winds that make you wheeze.
Relentless hours beneath the sun;
Of toiling hard till day is done;
...While battling hard those biting bees.

For only then you do recall;
Those lakes and streams ‘neath trees found tall.
Where off those waters, light doth gleam;
Where you would lie and oft times dream;
...Of winters days when snow would fall.

But then you look on up and see,
The stars above found shining free.
Above on cold clear winter nights,
You stop and see those sparkling lights;
... Then suddenly your sorrows flee.

For all the beauty that is found;
Up in the heavens; on the ground.
The frosty snow, so pure and white;
That glistened in that wintry light;
...You see then all about, around.

The silence that all ‘round prevails
Upon those wooded snow bound trails.
And though there be no sign of green;
Yet still ‘tis seen a wondrous scene;
...That winter’s season then entails.
Found there within the winter snow;
That ‘cross the land doth softly flow.
The beauty that is brought then nigh;
Within those stars in winter’s sky;
...Like ice that soft, doth glow.

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