My Poetry.. Musketeer 100th Challenge. RDK

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

By writing my rhymed poetry,
I hope to achieve my goal,
for within each metred line,
I disclose my heart and soul.
Words are chosen carefully
for it’s ever my intent,
to provoke thoughtful readers,
to consider their content.

By declaring deepfelt feelings,
with unbridled zeal,
I hope by metred rhymes,
to record the way I feel.
For I am of the firm belief,
poetry is the perfect tool,
when following a rhythmic scheme,
as I was taught at School.

It’s by the use of metred rhyme,
I’ll describe events I’ve seen:
of visits to far distant lands,
where I have earlier been.
With words I’ll paint a picture,
or describe emotions felt,
of friends I’ve known and lost,
and of set-backs I’ve been dealt.

Poetry has always been my passion
throughout my lengthy life.
Possessed of calming powers,
it eases angst and strife.
As for petty irritations,
it’s through my poetry,
I overcome troubles I encounter,
and surmount adversity.

Poetry is a nostrum for me,
for it seldom lets me down.
By the evocative words I choose,
I can birth a smile from a frown.
So I ask of you, what better way
is there to write poetry,
than in the perfect format?
Ergo! Composing in metred rhyme.

Rhymer. July 21st, 2019.

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