Dear Roy, I walk the pathways of life

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

Dear Roy,

Today a storm tried to blow me away in
the form of a life challenge.
I asked myself what would Roy do ?
He wouldn't give up!
He changed those negative thoughts to positives one!
That what Roy would do !

The smell of nature drifted in the air as I was surrounded
by an army of redwood trees that reminded me of Jack
and his beanstalk. The trees had a beginning ,and reached
into the sky with no end in sight.
The path in life I chosen in the hour glass of time, twisted
and turned as if a snake.
A woodpecker pounded on a tree somewhere in the distance.
I was lost!

What would Roy do?
He look for moss on the North side of a tree for direction.
That what he do.
The shiny satin green leaves of three went all around the tree.
Now what would he do?
He leave them be !

Then out of the blue came a rough path of stones
and I did what Roy would do , I followed them.
I climb over the rough sandpaper bark of a tree.
I lost my way for a while, but like you Roy I did not
stop until like you I was where I should be.

I write this poem with a fellow poet Roy in mind!!
We walk the pathways of life where ever they may lead.
We can never lose our identity in the circumstances.
What ever pathways we take, God does tend to save the
best for last!
Just like when He came in the night and took Roy away,
He took the very best that day !

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