Dancing in the Mist

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Within the raindrops as they fall;
Shapes of mists all dance and play.
Shapes of creatures large and small,
Dancing, dancing all the day;
......With arms and legs that thrash and flail;
......Those giant shapes, in joyful glee,
......Like eerie winds they softly wail;
......They slip; they slip around each tree.
In blissful play they romp on through;
And slow they move with great delight.
And with each step, they move anew,
They spin; they spin with all their might;

Those smaller shapes of shadows found;
In manner like, they flit and fly.
Above the dampened, moistened ground;
As misty shapes they go on by.
......As if on wings, they frolic through,
......As there they twirl with great delight.
......And with each flit, they dance anew;
......They dart; they dart with all their might.
As shaded clouds they skip and prance;
In shapes of wonder large and small.
‘Tis hard to see them at a glance
Within the raindrops as they fall;

From drops of rain, that gave them birth,
As sparkling light they whirl around.
As shrouded shapes they show they worth,
As mist; as mists that swirly ‘round.
......They dance on through the wooded land;
......Those drops they fall and then are caught.
......Amidst the trees a wispy band
......By vapored spray they all are wrought.]
Existing now as mists of spray,
Upon each face they’ve softly kissed.
Floating through; all through the day,
While dancing in the mist.

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