Give a Little Time

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Afford people dignity, show manners and sparing
The olive branch offer, display some caring
Think of those, who struggle at best
Have an open door policy, make them your guest

Perhaps not judge, but watch and observe
Not always straight lines, sometimes a curve
People they struggle, not all are blessed
Depths of despair, or success on a crest

Whether its money or housing, jobs or career
Courage abound, or trodden with fear
Mental health problems, a burdensome weight
Is it Lady Luck, that holds their fate

The man at the station, who's begging for money
The people who sneer, and think they're so funny
Men in expensive suits, and those wearing rags
Old Ford Cortinas, face shiny black Jags

With a silver spoon, not everyone is born
Old oak tree , that grew from acorn
From minor to major, from humble to great
Just what has become, of this once great state

My message for you, of which I am writing
David and Goliath, with the underdog fighting
Give a little time, and don't second guess
No matter how they speak, or are able to dress

So don't rush to judge, and spare a little time
There is no need, and it is no crime
A little caring, goes a very long way
While the sun shines, help them make hay

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