Joker - A Poem

a poem by Huda Sarwar, Pakistan

In the world full of people,
In the world full of colors,
The hypnotic smiles travel,
Bringing life that nurtures;

The face you see so colorful,
Oh so richly painted expressions,
Smiles as if 'world is beautiful',
To never let him tire and shun,

Busy roads walking wayside,
Those joyous faces all bright,
Don't let lights make you blind,
They are grieved faces all right;

Lifting up the troubled at time,
From the sadness for shielding,
So others join the world's chime,
Though they float in chaos within;

Kindness, laughter, spirits high,
To keep hideous feelings in toll
Kindled lie their winds in sky,
Never they let the mask befall;

But oh! A tear sheds paving way,
And melts the paint that may,
Reveal all the dullness and gray,
To tell the stories kept away;

There you see in ending shows,
Terrible depths lie beneath dark
Of people with lovely surface; 'cause,
We're all jokers of our own mask!

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