Find Peace Of Mind

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Find peace of mind in the moment
Because there is no other place it can be
With peace in our minds we live our lives free

Find peace of mind in silencing of your thought
How many thoughts do you need?
Having more than one thought is a greed

Find peace of mind within your soul
You find peace of mind by doing what you can do
Your soul needs adventure, and to try something new

Find peace of mind in your faith
Believe in the Lord and His promises and his eternal day
Believe that in this world you can find your way

Find peace of mind being righteous and true
Walk forward calmly on the righteous path
Keep the Lord in mind in your equations and math

Find peace of mind in being well rested
Pace yourself well thru every one of life's tests
Be calm thru life's noise and will do what is right and your best

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