If raped by politicians

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

If raped by politicians,
Do not raise your voice,
They will kill your father in custody,
Put your relatives on trial.

The truck will lose control,
Hit your car head on,
Everyone will go scotch free,
You too would be gone.

Mind you they are not Baba,
Who will, in prison, land,
They are the royal rulers,
If only you can understand.

When it comes to teachers,
We want hundred laws,
When it comes to election,
We need no laws.

Even criminals can fight elections,
What a wonderful land,
Neither could I understand it,
Nor would you understand.


Note:- this poem can be understood with reference to Unnao case

Fourth pillar of democracy has fallen alas
Playing the game of numbers
Most incompetent
All my poems
Neither should advise be given

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