a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Down in the dark where there's no pity
The tunnels rumble then strike in force
Though when the dust clears, the scenes not pretty,
But it's a waste of time to feel remorse ,
A safer place is a mile away
when in a cage you travel up a mine ,
You've survived once more from a tunnel of darkness
But it knows one day you'll cross the line ,
Over countless years it's killed many a man
even though they knew their trade ,
It does not need to have a plan
it's a heartless mine ,which men invade ,
Precious mineral is that of coal
that line the pockets of business men ,
They became rich whilst families suffered
now all his history ,
Destroyed in seconds
By a poisonous pen .

Author Edwin Jepson ,
July 31st 2019

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