a poem by Catherine Olaronke Oni, Nigeria

You visited the sac when I was not expecting and made your way.
I cried all nite long cause I wasn't ready.
But I have the support of your yoo.

I had no insight of the changes you will bring,
Especially to my body and system.
I could no longer lay down on my back,
Neither on my tommy.
You bring sickness in different forms
Morning sickness.
Day time tiredness.
Evening sickness.

You turned my tommy to a pitch where you play as you like.
Your 3am kick looks like witchcraft.
Headache was no longer a burden to me.
I eat like I will never eat anymore.
Yet I want to eat everything in the next minute.

You gave me plenty scares in my tommy that I don't like seeing at the mirror.
But I love them because you gave them to me.
You changed my entire life and taught me
What adjustment is really all about.

Above all, you are my joy and my pride.
Thou they say joys of motherhood;
The reality is agony of motherhood.
It has never been an easy journey,
But the joy that awaits is you.

I long to see you my beautiful jewels
Priceless gift.
I want you to be as beautiful as your parent.
Beautiful Melanin with intelligence
filled with wisdom.
Smart bold confident and strong.
Very outspoken and charming.

I want you be our pride forever
Be a joy and shining light to our world
A blessing and come to stay.

(Dedicated to pregnant women longing to see their newborn.)

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