Adventure calling

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

15 months in this flat
But just 2 months in my new role
9 months i have had my cat
But day 1 my heart she stole

A year since I left uni
After a successful year before
Deciding whether to go back
Or is it time to close that door?

The feeling has returned
The one that's says move on
That longing for new adventure
Calling to me like a song

Its been quite some time
since I've heard it call
Ive started settling down
But that sweet sound is my downfall

Packing everything up
Its time for something new
The voice whispers to me
Often out of the blue

There is nothing holding me back
If it's not now , it is never
It knows all the best tricks
My subconious is quite clever

Will I ever settle down
I mean deep within my heart
Or am I destined to always leave
Desperate for a new start

Every day I fight the urge
So I can build something more
But my biggest fear
Is that won't satisfy my core

Its not that I'm unhappy
I'm not trying to run away
But the urges are getting stronger
Which makes it harder to stay

15 months in my flat
2 years is the next mile stone
If I manage 2 months more than that
The longest I have held my own

Fighting with myself
Watching the pattern still unfold
As my mind goes through the motions
Will my actions be as bold

Do I have what it takes
To step back and stand my ground?
Or swept up in the chaos
To my adventurous heart I'm bound?

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