Where was Christ in politics

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Where was Christ in politics,
I found Him as a victim of the same,
"It is expedient that one man may die,
And not the entire race."

The mire of politics is dirty,
The mire of politics is deep,
Hold, the hand of the Saviour,
If you want to be saved.

The desire for power,
The desire for strength,
Is the root of corruption,
Every now and then.

An angel so beautiful,
Desired for greater power,
To set up his throne,
Above His creator, the Lord.

A battle took place in heaven,
Angel and his followers failed,
So he became the devil,
Lucifer is his true name.

Whom do you Follow,
It's for you to decide,
In politics whatsoever,
Christ you won't ever find.

Note:- Line three and four talks about the prophecy done for Christ by the chief priest.


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