a poem by Chad Martinez, USA

It was all about having the heart of a champion!
Being a competitor; having the desire to gain that competitive edge,
that thirst for victory, that insatiable lust for life that only comes from living,
breathing , and dreaming, drinking and feeding that passion
to excel in all that you do and in anything remotely competitive.
You won’t stop your pursuits and won’t accept failure.
You will work at your craft with undeniable swagger, determination,
sweat, blood and a vigor for “perfect” practice.

Follow your vision for achieving your goals,
don’t give up in the face of adversity and
never decline the boost that comes from belief in yourself,
the reward that comes with conquering an uphill or “impossible” battle.
That is the treasure that is out there,
that is the promise that exists for those of us who “make it happen”
through hard work, perseverance, and by displaying the “Heart of a Champion.”

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