The Reflector : KARMA

a poem by Banita Lall, India

Mouth can lie,
Eyes cannot..
The ones who make you cry,
Will be bathing in their tears..
People who cheat on you today,
Need to get ready for betrays..
You are being used for their selfish motives,
Their turn is on the way..
Your selfless love is taken for granted,
A transformer for making them "the beggars of love" is arriving soon..
Your all time availability is thought to be their achievement,
Soon its misuse will turn out to be their failure..
They listen to what your mouth speaks,
But the contradictory words your eyes say are left unread..
The people who treat you as an option,
Their time will come..
You don't take revenge because you still love them,
But remember, he never fails to punish the culprit..
Because people might forget,
"Karma" will not...

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