Reaping! (A Universal Truism)

a poem by John Starks, USA

The nature of his soul is on display,
And many taking note may, too, perceive
That decency (e'en what he would betray)
Compels a stalwart, loving heart to grieve.
He'd obfuscate, but perspicacity
Precludes e'en what's alluded to by 'blind'—
Enabling witless nincompoops to see
Those implications which astound the mind.
Ah, he does play what seems a brutal game
Whose denouement (predictable and sure)
Shall summon even what there is of shame
Which, though denied, defining, shall endure.

Though he abounds in not-too-subtle tricks,
Life holds a cane and proffers 'called-for' licks!

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