101st Challenge - Way Back In '53'

a poem by Kenneth Malvyn Clark, UK

Way Back in '53'

A tale from the past I would tell
of a young lad who wasn’t well,
he’d had a bad fall
didn’t seem hurt at all
‘til the day his head began to swell.

On his noggin there grew a bump
like a golf ball the size of the lump,
‘twas a bleed on the brain
the doctors tried to drain
with needles and a suction pump.

Sad to say the lads noggin still bled
now comatose with tubes in his head,
in a coma the lad lay
for a month and a day
‘til a doctor told of an article he read.

The article he said was a new technique
undertaken in some Parisian Clinique,
the op was experimental
critique said detrimental
yet hailed daring revolutionary unique.

By ferry and train to a Dr Baudelaire
who prepped and shaved the lads hair,
then drilled a small hole
with a tool called a mole
inserted a laser with the utmost care.

Then fried a wee vein to stop the bleed
the op was a success they all agreed,
the young lad was me
way back in ‘53’
when I fell from a tree, onto my swede.

In response to Denis request

*( noggin & swede ; slang terms for the head )

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