Challenge 101.- Limericks.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

A Limerick is a set form of rhyme,
composed in appropriate time.
Should its biting satire,
spawn amusement or ire,
I’ll be happy and feeling sublime!

The Queen said she gave a full pardon,
To a criminal old and hardened:
But ere his sentence was stopped,
He’d already been topped:
Was pushing up crops in the garden

A snake met his tail one day,
Going round a tree, the opposite way.
When he said "Hi!"
But got no reply,
He swallowed himself all the way!

There once was a fellow Xavier
who thought he was VN’s saviour.
The sonnets he wrote
were nothing of note,
but signs of his odd behaviour.

Some poets will post by the score,
not one, not two, but many more!
They fill space and time,
without reason or rhyme,
and grammar that’s awfully poor.

There are poets that many admire,
who can set our passions. afire.
With artistic flair
the talent they share
is for which all poets aspire!

Many friends I have recently made,
who are part of the VN parade.
With competent flair,
and wisdom they share,
they’re friendships, that are heavenly made!

Our Eddie - a miner for years;
would go off to work without fears.
When the pit expired
he then retired,
after quaffing a couple of beers.

Now Rhymer’s a poet that rhymes:
a genre of earlier times:
though to writing free verse,
he’s greatly averse,
he has written Limericks betimes.

Maggie is held dear in my heart,
for her lines play a good part.,
From poems she writes,I
I get great delights.
From most Poets she stands apart.

Our William’s a man of compassion,
who writes with a poetic passion:
with his style unique,
using facts he’ll seek ,
to keep his readers in fashion.

Rhymer. August 10th, 2019
(A mish-mash in hopes they'll give some incentive
to Members. Ciao Rhymer aka Denis)

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