Enviously Wanting

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Excessive envy will cause you sorrow
Wanting what we cannot have gets us a sad tomorrow

Making a plan to realize a goal that is the way
Enviously wanting without action can never pay

Find what you want and what your heart will treasure
A little envy motivates, so please do measure

We see things we want, we envy, we must have that in our life
Go forward with a plan of action, and hope she is a good wife

Sometimes what we want causes a terrible grind
The things that are not right for us can be unkind

Envy has a good side to motivate us from the start
We are always looking for our place and our part

Envy can hurt us if we do not constructively act
Envy can make us mad, that is just a fact

You envy and want what others have, but you must get it on your own
Get busy and start working and you will have it when you are grown

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