Ah, Life, That Mystery...

a poem by John Starks, USA

Ah, Life, that mystery so few e'er plumb,
Does seem a Rubik's Cube place in the hand
Of those so puzzled that they're stricken dumb,
E'en as (yet seeking) they would understand.
In terms of speed, Life shames the swift gazelle,
And ends, it seems, before it has begun,
E'en ere the tongue is wise enough to tell
That that of Righteousness is, too,the son.
May we, in living, come to soon believe
What most (e'en at death's door) are apt to doubt;
What seems (though labeled truth) to yet deceive
Those souls, who but to hear, oft jump and shout.

Ah, Life, that mystery, does challenge, yet;
Yet some believe, while others, fearing, fret.

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