A Chic Critic

a poem by John Starks, USA

Infrequently, she writes a little note
From which I may extract a bit of cheer
From one I count (though far away) quite dear,
As she (praise-proffering) dared cast her 'vote'.
Her paucity (enough to make me gloat),
Or 'Shake', as best I can, a vaunted 'speare')
May cause a connoisseur (unfazed) to leer,
Or ask, "Is that the best that he e'er wrote?"
But she, far gentler than I'd dare suspect,
Did seem to find some quaint and hoped-for boom
Which interest (sparked by taste) could not neglect.
Her praise (defrayment for a simple tune)
Caused me (in solitude) to, yes, reflect
On what made men aspire to reach the moon.

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