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a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

This is a tale from when I was in New York
A few years after I’d been dropped by a stork
I was just a child
A bit shy, bit wild
Though on reading this, you might think I’m a dork

We were moving back to our mystic land
Though why, I didn’t quite understand
Well back to the tale
Our home was on sale
To get good people was what we had planned

One day, a lady came to view our home
While I was in the bathtub, in bubbles and foam
Shy, I panicked
Wrapped a towel and hid
In my mom’s closet - dripping, uncombed

Soon, I heard voices in the room
As I stood with a sense of impending doom
I muttered - Yikes
I must be a sight
How I wish I had a witches broom

The visitor opened the closet door
She was shocked, surprised- need I say more
“Goodness, oh dear
There’s a girl in here!”
She squealed as I stood in a puddle on the floor

Hair plastered, soaked to the skin
With drops of water on my chinny chin chin
“Hello,” I said
My face a little red
I tried to shake her hand as I grinned

“My daughter,” I heard my mother say
That memorable, embarrassing day
They both had a laugh
At my gaffe
While I wished I had just gone out to play!

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