a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

So quiet and pleasant I have no worries in mind
I cannot think of thoughts that are cruel or unkind

I don’t need to put any adversity on my cart
I need my special people who fill up my heart

I won’t allow troubles to enter me and grind
I can only think of things that are so very kind

Excitements are fine but not at this time
Thinking of my stress is currently a crime

Noises are not allowed for quiet is king
I cannot feel the pierce of a noises's cruel sting

Problematic ideas can’t come into my head
There is nothing I am thinking that I must dread

So quiet eternity is echoing in my mind
To this life's problems I am currently blind

Words said in anger cannot exist inside
From life's hard realities I presently hide

Past lessons are learned or not, it doesn’t matter at this time
I can only think of harmonious ideas that rhyme

I am in a place of contentment where my troubles cannot be
I sent my troubles dancing and now I am free

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