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There were those dark days,
When some groups, in many ways,
Fought that God of one group,
Was superior to the other group.

Also they well knew then
That God was only one,
But had a different name,
For His duty done each time.

As Brahma He creates..
As Vishnu He protects.
As Siva, He destroys,
So He has many names.

A man is one but plays
Roles with many names
Relating to his functions,
In his daily life, when he does.

He is a father to his daughter,
A husband to his partner
A teacher to his students,
And a master to his servants.

When he speaks, he is a speaker.
When he sings, he is a singer.
When he paints, he is a painter,
These are only functional names.

To the temple, he wears sacred dress.
For a marriage, he wears costly dress.
To a funeral, he wears a black dress.
Although three-in-one he just appears.

Like this God is one, not many.
His name is not one, but many,
When He does different duties,
As God, His name also changes.

This being the fact known to all
Why then they are forced to fall
Into meaningless groups and fight
Claiming their side only is right?

One may be a group of Vaishnavites,
Following their God, Lord Vishnu,
And the other a group of Saivites.
Worshiping their God, Lord Siva.

Each one may play a different role.
But all the faiths lead to the same goal.
To prove this many messengers came,
Sent by God to this earth every time.

Ramanuja came with a great mission,
To uplift all those suffering people,
Left uncared for in the religious circle,
And lead them in the pathway to Heaven.


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