a poem by Syl Espina, Philippines - poetry writer, author, poet

I looked about me,
As I stepped into a platform
Full of technology,
Where robots are in human form.

As I walked by,
A small child came up to say “Hi”,
Shook hands with me briskly,
And said something hilariously.

“What is your name?”
“Are you like me or a human?”
“Tell me how you became.”
Asked the little child named Roman.

To my surprise,
Little Roman let out some cries
When I said I’m human,
A beautiful human woman.

Someone called me
From a balcony right above,
To warn me of a bee
Loudly buzzing around a foxglove.

Out of the blue,
Little Roman high jumped on cue
To catch the buzzing bee
Hovering randomly near me.

I gaped at him,
Wondered at his agility
Because he caught his aim
And hurled it away rapidly.

I thanked the child
In a tone that was sweet and mild;
And woke up quite happy
‘Cause it was just a reverie.

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