a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I wish I felt okay
That it would all just go away.
There are people with real issues,
people suffering loss.
People in difficult situations who have reason to feel lost.

Yet here I am whinging though my life is pretty great,
Angry for feeling selfish but also sad i can't escape.
Trying to stay quiet about what goes on in my head
Every one has problems, I should be helping others instead

I go about my life, trying to be the best I can
still I feel inadequate even when all goes to plan
When I'm with people I aim to make them laugh and smile
Sometimes I'm successful even if for a little while

But when I'm on my own the feeling soon returns
The one where I am empty and loneliness, it burns
The exhaustion and confusion overwhelm me once more
And wounds I thought where healed are gaping wide and sore

I should learn to not complain and deal with my own fears
That's what adults do not sit reduced to tears
Im tired of feeling this way, wondering if this is how life goes
That in many years to come my anxiety just grows

When will I grow up and stop struggling to cope
Will there ever be a day I don't feel I'm dangling from a rope
I wish I felt okay , that it would all just go away
But as for now let's just get through today

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