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Here I am again,
With same old old story,
As the morning light streaks through my window,
I could hear a voice speaking to me,
I was lost, upon such a scene,
From across the distance, sounds so clear the voice I hear,
As though the one that cries, within my room speaks he,
I could in my imagination feel the quivering of his voice,
Amid the shaky tune of his voice,
One could hear and understand so clear the message,
From a child traumatized by the present reality,
Separation and disintegration of society,
What will tomorrow bring?
Again and again the little one ask,
With fear of unseen tomorrow,
Am just a child, so he exclaimed,
Could we have faith on each other?
Could we believe on each other?
With this faith, I hear him say,
Distinctly from the original tune,
We will hew out the mountain of despair,
We will be able to transform the jangling discord of our nations,
Into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood,
And I shouted,
Let freedom ring,
Let love reign,
If this isn't clear,
I said to myself,
I know the reason why,
Is just the world of men.

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