On the Ground

a poem by Nikita Parikh, India

There were once those 6' o'clock in the evenings
when she got charged to meet him .
The excitement of meeting him
made her forget that it were few of the last 6 o' clock evenings!

She was there, always before time.
He was always there but never on time.
She became restless for she didn't wish
to miss even a minute without him.

She sees every numberplate
And finally, one plate announces his arrival.
Thrilled with joy, her world comes to a stand still .

For once there were evenings. There were trees, there were birds,
there was a canteen and nearby his car... There were neem trees,
and their pleasant mild fragrance lingering around.
There were unknown yet familiar old folks .
There was a trek and there were some places to play.
There was he and there was she.
And beautiful their time.......

Aware of what destiny had planned for them, both had surrendered themselves to their inevitable fate.
They knew what shadows were lurking around,
And they could hear the advancing doom.
If they were destined to part,
why not plant a smile on each other's face!
She got her rackets out.
Played to lit the darkest hours.
Gingerly, she puts those rackets in the kit.
Surreptitiously, she breaks the zip.
She wants those rackets to remain packed- packed and untouched for ever!

They sprayed some love in the moist damp air...
His scintillating confabulation diffused some happiness around .
They talked merrily and parted well.
Coaxed, she could barely speak.
Her days with him were numbered but not her love..

Months later
She is there on that ground,
She sees the same old canteen,
But not his car.
Knowing that he was no where around, She invariably looks for him.
She carries those rackets but never let them out.
She passes by the same old trees, and
Remembers those happy conversations.
She sees those unknown but familiar old folks walking on the trek...
She is there sitting alone on that bench
Where once she had sat with him.
She goes there to relive those happy moments that she had once lived with him.

She could see some new plants on this ground.

It was their FORGET ME NOT moments which they had planted while they were ambling on ground. Though far away, she could always feel his presence around when she is ambling on the ground!

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