No Win Scenario

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

No win scenario what can I say
If I say I was wrong, does that may your day?

There is absolutely no way I am going to win
Should I still be happy and wear a grin?

Why is it that you want me to stumble and fail?
What benefit do you get causing misery and travail?

No win Scenario: may I just stay home and wait this day out
All I can do is complain and pout!

I cannot go forward, nor can I go back
No win scenario can you be what I lack?

One tries with hope if success has an inkling of a chance
There is no way with you in my life that I could dance

Frustrations abound when efforts get you no gain
Not able to win so it causes anguish and pain

No win scenario from you I want to be free
A relationship like ours could never be

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