Bedroom scene. Mother sorrow

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

You enter your son bedroom
With a mother's dread of tears
Before his wardrobe you stand;
Your hands shivers in fear,
Tenderly and fearful you open,
The wardrobe door. Before
Your tearful face, the laces
From the boxing gloves sit;
With the slits and cuts,
In which your hurting eyes see:
Seen the blows, your son has,
As he lay hooked up to tubes of life
In the intensive care; you
Do not dare to touch his boxing gloves;
The pain, the pain, reveal its self,
All over again, as you sat ring side;
Your heart slid, as your son fell;
You manage to stand, you held that faint
At bay, as you cried in seeing your son
Upon the canvas floor; how many tears
From you, fell on that canvas floor ring?

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