Control your own fate

a poem by Vel Champion, USA

When you allow others to guide your fate.
Beware the future you may grow to hate.

Be your own warrior and captain in life.
Brave your own pathway to avoid the strife.

Motives of others for you may be grim.
Erupting in harm teeming o'er the brim.

Standing strong in storms will frighten the best.
But staying the course will strengthen and test.

Keeping your own fate within your patrol.
May anger those others who like to control.

Be ready to face them on grounds that you set.
Guarding your freedom for choices you vet.

Fear not the future when you set your sail.
Credit the success, admit when you fail.

Suffer your losses as lessons you learned.
Enjoy your winnings for they are well earned.

When you are well aged memories will tell.
Cherished decisions of life you lived well.

Be strong and conquer those fears you repress.
Stand for the challenge , let life do the rest.

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