a poem by Raymond Ugochukwu Emeka-mbah, Nigeria

Hunger is a true respecter of nobody
When it comes it does so in anger
Its attacks on the stomach in pangs
Its action an increasing intensity
Breaking down and through body defenses.

It punches stomach walls in anger
Quite discomforting to the entire body
It slows down the bodily activities
It weakens the system in dare need
Making the body a whim to its command.

Hunger does want immediate attention
Demanding satisfaction as it desires
Hunger is a thief of body strength
Wanting food only for the exchange
Hunger is a forceful visitor at its will.

The body is in enmity with hunger
Feeding intermittently to keep it away
It does come with no smiling face
Nobody wants to be friends with hunger
Hunger is sure a guest not to have.

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