Tangled and Entangled

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Friends at school would love to tuck
A pencil in unruly curls
Wrapped it'd stay all day
As I became a pencil girl

A pair of coochie cooing lizards
Tumbled on my unsuspecting head
Merry in the waves of layers
And almost left me scared to death

A parakeet perched in comfort
And lingered on my hair to rest
I thought I was a lucky duckie
For off it flew - didn't make a nest

In the labyrinth of strands
Entangled too was a wispy fly
Trapped in some frizzy curls
No one really knows why

If I ever write a secret
And hide it in my bushy hair
And if I live to be a hundred
It'll still be buried somewhere there

A repost
(My younger daughter recently said that it looks like a cloud on my head )

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