a poem by Catherine Olaronke Oni, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

It's been seven days today.
I could not express the joy in my heart;
The day I had you was the most happiest day of my life.
All for the joy you brought me
and your yoo.
The drama at the labour room was much
But it all vanishes in my memory when I heard your first cry.
I swam in blood to bring you to the world and bared all the pain to be a mother.
It was a very sweet experience
I cried uncontrollably cos I had a beautiful princess placed on my chest.
The tear I had was never painful.
Even till it's been stiched together.
Until I had to start dreaming of you again.
The joy you brought us your parent can not be compared to anything in the world.
You wiped away all our long tears
We forgot all that we went through before your arrival.
You are a very strong child
We fought through the nine month together without any complication,
What a merciful child you are.
We prayed with you each day to continue to be our source of joy.
We dance all night when you wake to keep you happy and asleep again.
The memory of how you suck day and night and your little helpless baby cry keeps ringing in my memory.
The running around at the different hospitals to keep you alive keeps flashing.
I cried so loud seeking for God's face to bring you back
But he listened and never answered.
My tears roll over each time I remember how you gave up on me so quick that I have to be seeing you only in my dreams forever and no longer have you beside me.
Another agony of parenthood and motherhood.
The smile on your face each time and your beautiful eyeballs appears like a television screen.
We named you Royalty cos you are a true definition of royalty.
I love you till the end of the world.
Your smile is my source of strength at the moment.
Every bit of the time we had together are memorable ones.
The joy of motherhood I felt true you.
The power of sacrifice you made me have through you.
You were a good companion and lovely being I want to have over and over again.
Words are not just enough to express my grievance and how much I miss you my Priceless princess.
My last poem was for you and I longed to write more but so painful it had to be in this form.
I love you as much as you love me and love us always.

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