Limerick Challenge as per Roy Kneale's Musketeer Challenge by Denis Barter.

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

This limerick is based on a funny family event which occurred when ordering food from a waiter in a local restaurant. I was going to order the steak pie but went for the lasagna instead. My 3 year old daughter Julia must have heard me speaking about the steak pie. What happened next?

Limerick 1

We read and were ready to order.
Lasagne and two large cheeseburgers.
Now my daughter is 3.
And on listening to me.
SNAKE PIE she wanted to order.

Limerick 2

When younger I had lovely curls.
Some people though me, a girl.
I was stylish back then.
With my tight wiry perm.
And my hairband with little pink frills.

Limerick 3

Do you think they have Facebook in heaven?
So I can ask my Granny a question.
She may not reply.
She'll not work the Wi-Fi.
She couldn't even work her own heating.

Limerick 4

This one is based on an old workmate Gerry, who was preparing to play golf with a few other workmates after work. Gerry was sorting out his clubs and contents of his bag at lunchtime and left it unattended for a few minutes. Well the guys took his clubs out and put an iron brick in the bottom and placed the clubs back in.

By the time poor Gerry got to the third hole he was knackered. He couldn't understand how his back was killing him.

Someone had to tell him and he went ballistic but later saw the funny side. Lol!

Limerick 4

My pal Gerry he loved playing golf.
I'll now let this story evolve.
Gerry had a bad back.
At the ball he would hack.
The weight of his bag went unsolved.

All 4 limericks are written as per Denis Barter's (Roy Kneale Musketeer Challenge 101)..

Thanks Denis, I had fun writing these.

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