Search Myself

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Search myself to discover who I am and where I should go
Search because these are things I need to know

Search myself to find my natural talents and determine my life’s role
Search inside myself to see the contours of my soul

Search for the path back that leads me to the Lord, the way I want to know
Search for this life’s excitement that sends me all aglow

Search myself to ask myself what kind person I want to be while I live
Search to know the rights times, to love, fight and to give

Search myself for the dreams and aspirations that I want to do
Search for the love, for without humans feel blue

Search myself in this universe to find how little I can see
Search for my best directions and meaningfulness can happen and be

Search myself in the Heavens to find out what the Lord thinks of me
Search to seek the freedom from satan whose sin won’t let you be

Search myself for will better know myself and understand my life
Search to know what is best for me, and avoid this life's the strife

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