Musketeer 101st Challenge. Relinquishing the Baton .

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

My Parting Shot.

This old baton holder’s monthly voice,
was to give VN poets, a choice:
‘Write a Limerick clean,
with a humourous mien,
and you’ll hear many Members rejoice!’

At this, all became silent, and terse,
as they thought how to write such a verse?
Nothing obscene, nor trite
all quite clean and polite.
Darn it all thought some: it’s so diverse!

Surely Limericks are saucy and rude?
Never suited to the staid and prude.
To write such a rhyme,
is a waste of time:
never entertaining, except they’re crude!

Though August is over and spent,
the more faithful, wrote with intent.
Though responses were few,
there was a bold one or two,
on success, they were firmly bent!

To those who were enthused to try:
my gratitude, I will not deny.
It was fun to host,
but today uppermost?
is my having to say Goodbye!

May the bold be happy today,
for their Limericks which, I’d say,
were great fun to read,
and filled the need,
of the Challenge, in a singular way.

Now I’ll hand the baton to Ken,
who possesses a poetic yen.
His Challenge I’m sure,
will doubtless, soon cure
the effects of humouring Den.

Rhymer. September 7th, 2019.

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