102nd Musketeers Challenge- To Question a Plan…

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

In my youth I learned of heaven and hell
Also, good and bad as fables were told
My choices were made, and as the fates tell
While time rushed on my life would take hold…

But old age began to question the plan
With pain and self-doubt eroding my joy
Faith ever remained, tho deeply it ran
Where within my soul, when needed, deploy?

But now in my twilight my mind roams free
As trees and flowers die and bloom anew
Will my body die and let my soul flee?
I’d like to think so… but haven’t a clue!

What do we do in heaven when we’re dead?
Think I’ll stay here, not look too far ahead!

* Personally, I think that life is a building block to a Master Plan, not an empty experiment.

** Thank you Kenneth for an inspiring title.

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