What do we do in heaven when we're dead ? (102nd Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

What do we do in heaven when we're dead?
There would be no economy tickets, we would all travel first class.
I be just like you, the same person in a new place.
Not tempted by evil anymore. Only good would surround us!
We each have a job , just as Adam and Eve did
in the garden of Eden. And Noah did building an ark!
We would each create with the talents God blessed us with
on earth.
Together we gather and eat Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner
in banquet style.
There be no sorrow, no deaths of any kind!
We would still have a thirst for knowledge, and be among the angels.
We would met fellow poets, family and friends, and others that gone
ahead of us.
We will never be lonely and God will be there!
Each of us will laugh, and be glad were all here!

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